Love Me Tender

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Love Me Tender is a dark comedy about seemingly innocent Emma Blake who is hoping to find true love at her university. But whenever a potential boy disappoints her- she kills him.

Cute, shy, and unassuming, Emma is looking for love. Like her roommate Liz, most students are more concerned with finding “Mr. Right Now” rather than “Mr. Right,” but Emma is obsessed with finding the kind of pure, idyllic love often found in fairy tales, Shakespeare, and classic films. A new boy, Ben, might just turn out to be her knight in shining armor, but little does Ben know that a deep-seated madness emerges within Emma whenever her expectations aren‘t met...

Think (500) Days of Summer with a dash of Psycho. This dark comedy incorporates the heart of a love story, the humor of a teen comedy, and a good dose of tongue-in-cheek serial-killer suspense. Love Me Tender is a uniquely original, high concept cinematic experience that is both entertaining and fulfilling for fans of all genres. But despite the black humor and Emma‘s penchant for violence, there is a sentimental and intelligent message that grounds this film. While clearly an exaggerated story, the story is ultimately about a girl whose notions of romance and love do not exist in her world. Is Emma right for expecting every boy to be a perfect gentleman? Does the kind of romance shown in Gone With the Wind and Casablanca truly exist? Emma‘s struggle with the fantasies and realities of love is something we all face.

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